Mapa administratiu de Catalunya 1:500,000 (Municipal, comarcal i d'Aran)

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Administrative divisions of Catalonia represented on the map: 947 municipalities, 41 counties and 1 singular territorial entity.

Municipal limit: Municipal delimitation base of the Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia (ICGC). Municipal map approved by the Territorial Delimitation Commission of Catalonia (Decree 244/2007) and subsequent updates.

County limit and Aran: Division approved by the Generalitat of Catalonia: Law 22/1987 of 16 December (DOGC no. 929, 18/12/1987), Law 5/1988 of 28 March (DOGC no. 992, 16 /05/1988), Law 3/1990 of 8 January (DOGC no. 1243, 17/01/1990), Law 1/2015 of 5 February (DOGC no. 6810A, 13/02/2015, of approval of the Law of the special regime of Aran), Law 4/2015 of 23 April (DOGC no. 6862, 30/04/2015, creating the county of Moianès) and Law 7/2023 of 10 May (DOGC no. 8913, 11/05/2023, creating the county of Lluçanès).

Official name of municipalities, municipal capitals, counties and singular territorial entities: Official nomenclature of major toponymy of Catalonia (2009) and subsequent updates.

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