Les cartes portolanes. La representació medieval d'una mar solcada


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The study opens new perspectives in the discipline of the history of cartography in general and in the world of portulan charts in particular. This publication is an all-encompassing and inclusive vision, highlighting aspects of the instrumental techniques of geographical measurement of that time, the evolution of writing, commerce and politics as seagoing motor, etc.

The book is extensively illustrated, and it is divided into six sections. The first one is the exchange in the Mediterranean and written culture on the transition from high to late middle Ages; the second one describes the issue of the representativeness of the surviving works; the next chapter shows the uses and users of the medieval nautical charts; it continues with the production process; then shows cartographers and workshops and, finally, the issue of the birth of the medieval nautical charting.

The book, which closes with the conclusions, bibliography, toponymic appendix and translation the text into English language, is accompanied by a DVD with more than 300 images from portulan cards.

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