La cartografia anglesa. Cicle de conferències sobre Història de la Cartografia. 7è curs

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This volume contains the lectures by Catherine Delano Smith, research fellow at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London and editor of Imago Mundi, and Roger J.P. Kain, Professor of Geography at the University of Exeter and member of the British Academy, on occasion of the celebration of the seventh workshop on the History of Cartography dedicated to the English cartography.

The topics are:

  • Maps and map history in England: approaches to the history of cartography.
  • Mapping landed properties: estate maps in medieval, renaissance and enlightenment England.
  • Mapping landed properties: enclosure mapping in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
  • Mapping landed properties: tithe maps of the mid-nineteenth century: a first large-scale national survey of England and Wales?
  • Maps and the city in history: town mapping in England from the middle ages to the nineteenth century.
  • Thematic maps.
  • The Ordnance Survey: emergence of the National Mapping Agency.

By Roger J. P. Kain

  • The first English maps.
  • The shape of England: English mappaemundi and maps of England before c. 1540.
  • Maps for the monarch in the sixteenth century: maps for display and military maps.
  • Maps for government: mapping England and Wales in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
  • English regional mapping in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries: country maps and atlases and the growth of topographical knowledge.
  • Maps for route-planning and way-finding.
  • Map collections and libraries in England and their place in the history of cartography.

By Catherine Delano Smith.

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