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Mapa de les cobertes del sòl de Catalunya 1:250,000

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The Land Cover Map of Catalonia (MCSC) shows the main types of land cover that can be found in Catalonia, from the different typologies of urbanized and agricultural areas, to the different typologies of forest areas and bodies of water, distinguishing up to a total of 40 categories, and also to the sea. The criteria set for categorization are the result of joint work between different institutions and they have been approved by the Cartographic Coordination Commission of Catalonia (C4).

The map generated by the ICGC from the information contained in the digital version of the 2009 map, it has continued to update, on the one hand, by photointerpretation, as well as, in the prior detection of changes, using semiautomatic identification techniques and labeling, radiometric indices, deep learning processes and, also, taking advantage of other updated databases such as the Geographic Information System of Agricultural Parcels of Catalonia (SIGPAC).

The update has been made from the above information and from ICGC's recent flights (2018) orthoimages, at two levels of resolution: 2 Ha for the whole of the Catalan territory and 5 Ha for agricultural areas.

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