Geowork III. Geologic map of urban areas 1:5,000


The Geowork III is the instrument for carrying out the geologic map 1:5,000 in urban areas. According to the IDESCAT -Statistics Institute of Catalonia- (2005), over 75% of the Catalan population lives in towns of over 10,000 inhabitants. The characteristics of the land in these urban areas, directly or indirectly affect the lives of all these people and in those who travel for work or other activities. The availability of accurate and quality information on the physical and chemical soil and subsoil facilitates decision-making related to urban planning, because the stability of the ground or surface water drainage, and other natural conditions, depend these geologic features.

The geologic map of urban areas is a 1:5,000 scale is a geologic and geothematic applied content that extends over an area of 2,109 km2, corresponding to all municipalities of over 10,000 inhabitants, plus the county capitals (urban land and land for development, plus a 500-meter contour around and hotspots).

Conceptually, the geologic, geotechnic and human activity information included in the Geologic map of urban zones at 1:5,000 scale is, in some respects, similar to the type of Geoanthropic map, but the methodology for their production is determined by the particular physical characteristics of highly anthropised areas, which influence the accessibility to the materials making up the soil and subsoil.

The level of detail that provides the scale 1:5,000 makes it particularly suitable for use in the work of urban planning. For the realization of this map is very important collaboration with municipalities, because they provide geotechnical information content, such historical information on the evolution of land use and on issues related to geologic processes that have occurred in the historical past in the municipality.

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