Atles topogràfic de Catalunya 1:100,000

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Atlas published in March 2015 that presents, for the first time in this format, topographic mapping at 1:100,000. Its mapping has come from Topographic map of Catalunya at 1:100,000 (2012) which has been updated and fragmented into 68 pages of maps, the main part of the Atlas. Also, an essential part of the atlas is the toponymic index, comprising more than 11,000 entries; each has the geographical concept, the municipality, the county, the page as well as the coordinates. As additional information, it includes three maps of Catalonia at small scale (local –county-, physical and protected nature reserves) together with data concerning their content, and a political map of Western Europe.

This work is part of the collection of Catalan atlas published by the ICGC, or co-published, as are the Atles topogràfic 1: 50,000, the Atles geològic 1: 50,000 and the Gran atles de carreteres 1: 50,000. The Atles topogràfic 1: 100.000 provides, on every page, a broader territorial vision than its counterpart at 1: 50.000, while containing much detail in relation to the scale. For this level of information and treatment, it permits to visualize, for example, access roads to emblematic sights, places marked up with pictograms and labeling places.

The atlas is designed for a practical and easy use, thanks to features like a band of overlap of each page with neighboring, legends of roads and tourist written in six languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German and Italian) and distribution map cartography at 1: 100,000 (paging) and legend located on the inside part of both the cover and back cover.

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